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Promotional gifts and promotional material

A varied and always stylish offering

We enjoy proving to our customers that Gifts & Goodies can be classy too. We select handsome design items that exude quality and afford your gift a touch of class. And naturally, they look highly appealing. Whether you have chosen ballpoints or executive items, such as attaché cases or trophies.

Does this mean they are pricey? Don’t worry. We supply designer items in all price ranges. Our range also includes practical office supplies, elegant work clothing, beautiful environmentally-friendly products and medical gadgets.

We can also personalise all these gifts and goodies. We have exactly the right tools for this depending on your requirements. We use silk screening, laser engraving or stencil printing processes so that your gadgets reflect the image of your company. How do we work? We provide you with a print proof first of all. Only when it is to your liking do we start the production process.