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Mission & Vision

Since its inception in 1967, Magnus Business Gifts has placed a great deal of importance on service and quality. We do this by managing every project ourselves from A to Z. Naturally we always work alongside the customer. One single member of our team is responsible for the entire project from start to finish. This means every customer always has a personal contact. He or she will meticulously follow up on each programme. A solution-oriented approach in other words.

We also think it is our duty to take our corporate social responsibility (CSR). And we don’t say that lightly. We have made a few big steps in the last few years. In 2013, Ann Magnus followed an SRE Kick Start Programme. This inspired her to encourage even more efforts to implement sustainable processes. She checked as many suppliers as possible for instance for the presence of eco-labels and fair social conditions such as the absence of child labour.

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We consider it our duty to act socially responsible (CSR). We do not just say that. In recent years, we have taken some big steps. In 2013 Ann Magnus went through a ‘Start-to-CSR. That inspired her to further increase the sustainability efforts.

In this way, it checked as much as possible all suppliers of existing eco-labels and fair social conditions, such as excluding child labor. Other efforts:

  • sorting paper / cardboard for years
  • paper is always printed double-sided. Reuse of paper surplus
  • reuse of pallets and use pallets on surplus of suppliers
  • broken pallets are used as firewood
  • reuse of cardboard boxes and use cardboard boxes on surplus of suppliers
  • foam chips for padding boxes are made from corn
  • green energy supplier
  • automatic light switches
  • energy-saving lamps everywhere
  • the gift baskets contain as many organic and fair trade products as possible textiles from Sol’s with the L’Arbre Vert label
  • the selection of (bio) wines and champagne is done by Ann Magnus himself, so that she has a transparent view on the cultivation, production and processing
    packaging is done by Hestia, a socially engaged workshop in Herent
    showroom from upcycled materials (unique in the sector)
  • choice for as many local / Belgian producers as possible
  • member of Guberna, Fierce Ladies and The Shift
  • Ann Magnus is socially committed in Vilvoorde.


You stand central as a customer

We work out the best solution in consultation with you. Your target groups and business objectives are our anchor points. We adjust the delivery method to the volume, the requested delivery period, the country, …

We always go to the limit. You get the best price for the requested service. Goods are always correctly ordered, delivered and invoiced. Every month a report with detailed information about your project follows.

We also evaluate the results of each project. That is why we hold two formal meetings with our customers every year. We will further discuss the agreed ‘progress plan’.

What about the warranty? The prices remain unchanged for the duration of a program. A year warranty applies to all electrical devices and USB sticks. Defective devices are therefore repaired free of charge.

Full service

Solution-oriented approach

We take our place at the helm of all the projects entrusted to us. One single member of our team is responsible for the whole project. Why do we put one single employee on a project from start to finish? Because we want to leave nothing to chance. By adopting this approach, we can keep a very careful eye on each order and loyalty or reward programme.

All the members of our core team are passionate about what they do. They are always ready to answer your queries, to constantly ensure that we get the best prices for you and to help you solve distribution problems. Our internal call centre is available to answer any queries you may have about the catalogue in your native language (Dutch, English and French).


Personalised gift box

Unwrapping a gift is half of the fun. That is why we also wrap your gifts. Year-end gifts and any gift that we deliver to your end customer or employee on your behalf.

Can the gift wrapping also be customised? Of course! We customise your gift box with a personalised sticker or message. We can even add a card if you want. And we are very meticulous about our gift wrapping service.


Budget-friendly logistics

We always look for the lowest possible general logistics costs. We draw up a progress plan for each project. This contains the goals set by both the parties in terms of cost savings for the coming year. We sit down together and evaluate this plan each year. We also ensure complete follow-up and traceability of each shipment. Our specific strategies?

  • Combining as many shipments as possible per address;
  • Sending all shipments out together on the same day;
  • Working with component orders instead of individual orders;
  • Keeping necessary storage space to a minimum at all times thanks to intelligent software;
  • Ensuring a monthly analysis of storage space carried out by our account executive;
  • Intensive use of our e-catalogue
  • Ensuring that individual costs for all transactions serve as a basis for price reductions;
  • Working together with different distribution companies;
  • Printing on demand for literature with a limited print run.




A showroom with upcycled display cabinets

At the start of 2014, the showroom was given a sustainable makeover with upcycling. We reused existing elements. This created a strong connection between the rich past of Magnus Business Gifts and the current refreshing and sustainable vision.

Completely unique in our sector! In 2016, we moved to new premises. The upcycled display cabinets were installed in our new showroom. We think the result looks amazing. But why not see the result for yourself? Click play!

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